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  1. All timesheets must be submitted and approved by the Wednesday after the end of each bi-weekly time period (every other Saturday) or four-week period (ends every 4th Sunday). 

  2. If a non-exempt employee knowthey will be out the following Monday, they must submit their timesheet by the end of their scheduled work day on the preceding Friday. 


    If a non-exempt employee is out unexpectedly the following Monday, they should:

    1. Submit their timesheet as soon as they return, OR
    2. If they end up being out past the following Wednesday, they should notify their supervisor who will approve or finish completing their timesheet, if needed, before approval. 
    3. An alternate manager should be designated in the event the supervisor is also out.
  3. See this FAQ if you would like to add the Kronos pay period calendar to your calendar view. 

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