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These instructions assume you: (1) Have never had a personal Dropbox account OR (2) If you do have a personal Dropbox account, it does not use an email address. If it does use an email address, change the email address before following these instructions. (You can also refer to this "How Do I Get Started?" infographic.)

  1. Go to and click the Sign Up button
  2. Log in with your NinerNET credentials and click Log in
  3. Review the University Dropbox agreement and click Accept
  4. You will see a screen that links to Dropbox FAQs.  You can now complete the process by logging into your University email ( and opening the invitation email from UNC Charlotte via Dropbox
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the email and click the Join your team link.  You must click this link to complete the setup process
  6. Review the Dropbox Terms and select the checkbox that you agree
  7. Click Create Account
  8. If you are prompted to download Dropbox for desktop, you can either download Dropbox for desktop (the Dropbox Sync App) or go to Dropbox on the web


    The Dropbox for desktop (Dropbox Sync App) allows you to save files on your desktop, as well as in the cloud. Remember, only up to Level 1 data can be on your desktop. If you have questions about the data levels, please contact your Data Security OfficerInformation Security Liaison, or the Information Security Compliance Office.

  9. If you decide to download Dropbox for desktop (Dropbox Sync App), follow the instructions in this FAQ
  10. Welcome to Dropbox!

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