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The Charlotte Research Institute is the portal for business-university partnerships at UNC Charlotte. 

  1. Regionally, CRI works with the community and the campus to accelerate technology commercialization, and champions the growth of entrepreneurial ventures. 
  2. Globally, CRI develops intellectual capital through collaborations with industry, government and academia.  
  3. CRI’s goal is to enhance the technology infrastructure of the Charlotte region by facilitating the development of intellectual capital through global collaboration with industry, academia and government to create a top-tier interdisciplinary technology research community.
  4. Mission: Maximize partnerships.  Create research teams.  Generate results.
  5. CRI is designed to address partner-identified challenges, support unclassified and classified research initiatives, and deliver desired outcomes.   
  6. New business and research ventures, university partnerships with regional and national enterprises, and CRI spin-off companies all draw research and businesses to the region and spur economic growth.



 For more information about the Charlotte Research Institute visit the website, call 704.687.5690, or visit the main administrative office in Grigg Hall room 258 on the UNC Charlotte campus.