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  1. Applicability:
    1. The University Policy relates to situations in which financial or other personal considerations may compromise, or have the potential to compromise, an employee’s objectivity with respect to their participation in a sponsored research project. With respect to sponsored research, this policy applies to anyone responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored research (referred to as “Investigators”). “Investigators” may include non-UNCC collaborators or independent contractors who elect to follow UNCC’s Conflict of Interest policy, if required by the Federal sponsor.
  2. Disclosure:
    1. “Investigators” are required to disclose certain activities and financial information prior to research proposal submission to the sponsor. Each “Investigator” listed on a proposal is automatically emailed when the research proposal receives department level approval within the grant management system (NORM). Individuals are responsible for keeping their disclosures updated, as necessary, throughout the life of the project.
    2. This disclosure requirement is separate from, and in addition to, the Annual disclosure requirement. Email notifications are automatically generated by the electronic grants management system (NORM) once a proposal receives Departmental approval.
    3. “Investigators” working on Public Health Service (PHS) agency sponsored research projects are required to separately disclose any reimbursed or sponsored travel that is related to the “Investigator’s” institutional responsibilities. This does not include travel paid by the grant or other funds administered by UNC Charlotte.
  3. Training:
    1. Individuals named on sponsored research proposals (“Investigators” and Key Personnel) are required to complete online Conflict of Interest training prior to working on an awarded project. “Key Personnel” may include individuals that do not meet the definition of “Investigator”. This training must be completed once every four years. Individuals will receive email notification from the grant management system (NORM) or the COI Manager if they are required to complete the training.