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  1. Yes, these other options are available to you but a mobile device is the best option since people tend to carry this device with them:

    1. Tablet:

      1. A Duo app is available for tablet devices like iPads.

      2. See these set up instructions.
    2. Landline (Faculty/Staff only):
      1. Visit these instructions for Landline set up.
      2. We recommend a personal landline if working from a telecommuting location.

      3. Since landlines are not portable, this is not a great option and should only be used for emergencies.

    3. Fob:

      1. A fob is a small device that connects via USB port and will be configured specifically for individual use with Duo.

      2. Fobs are available at the NinerTech Store.

      3. Full time faculty/staff (not student employees) can follow this process to request a fob. There will be a replacement fee if a university issued fob is lost.

        Fobs are not available to University employees receiving an MCD allowance.

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