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If you are not able to login to a ENGR Mosaic service, try the following steps...

  1. Are you using your NinerNET username and password (what you use to login to
    1. No - try again using NinerNET username and password
    2. Yes - then...
  2. Are you able to successfully login to
    1. No - password reset needed
      1. Reset your password at
      2. If you have problems resetting your NinerNET password, contact the IT Service Desk
      3. If you are able to access with your new password and Mosaic is still a problem, contact the Mosaic Service Desk
    2. Yes - contact the Mosaic Service Desk
      1. In some cases, the issue may be related to your Mosaic and NinerNET accounts being out of sync.  A NinerNET password reset may correct the issue

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