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  1. Access the Turnitin SimCheck assignment
  2. Click the SpeedGrader link. The first submission is displayed

    Student Error

    The following is displayed when a student misses the assignment due date and time. You need to manually reopening the assignment if you want the student to submit their work

  3. In the SpeedGrader pane, you can see the Similarity score


    SimCheck only processes 1 file per submission. If students need to upload more than 1 file, you must create separate assignments for each upload

    1. The score color indicates the amount of matching text
      1. Light blue: 0%
      2. Dark blue: 1 - 24% 
      3. Yellow: 25 - 49% 
      4. Orange: 50 - 74%
      5. Red: 75 - 100%

  4. Click the Similarity score icon to open the report in a new tab

    If a student file did not process it is because they used a template that SimCheck does not recognize. To fix, have the student save the file as a PDF and resubmit to the assignment. 

  5. The right pane, the Overall Similarity, displays all the sources Turnitin SimCheck found

  6. Click a source in the Overall Similarity pane to see the corresponding text in the paper
  7. The text is highlighted in the corresponding color in the paper
  8. You can also click the web link to view the web site
  9. You can change the settings for the sources by clicking the Gear icon
  10. You can include search repositories or exclude content from student submissions. When you are finished, click Done
  11. When you are finished viewing the Similarity report, you can close the tab to return to the Canvas SpeedGrader

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