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An "HTML embed code" is a block of HTML which is embedded into a web page and creates an interactive object in doing so. For example, you can add the Kaltura video embed code to your Google Website to share the content with your students.

  1. Click your My Media link in your Canvas course
    Go to My Media
  2. Click the on the name of the video you want to generate an HTML embed code
    Click on the video to open it
  3. Click on the down arrow located beside the Details button under the name of the video 

  4. Click Share from the menu
  5. The HTML Embed code will appear including options to choose from
    HTML Embed code
    1. 1 - Choose a Start and End Time to play the video

    2. 2 - Change the formatting for the Player Skin
    3. 3 - Change the Player Size
  6. Copy the HTML embed code link to share
    Copy the embed code
  7. You can now paste that code in your web page, Canvas Pages or any application that will be able to show that interactive code

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