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The Guideline for Privileged Account Management states that "A privileged account, which is separate from and unrelated to an individual’s standard NinerNET user account, must be used when performing administrative duties and other elevated functions within a system or application...Where technically feasible, the privileged account should be centrally managed.....If the privileged account is not centrally managed, it should follow a standard naming convention, where feasible, and comply with the Standard for Account Passwords." A centrally managed privileged account can be used on multiple systems.

 To request a centrally managed privileged account, see the instructions below. 

  1. Privileged accounts should be requested through the IT Service Desk (
  2. The following information will be needed:
    1. Name

    2. Username
    3. Business need for privileged account
  3. The request will be processed in 2-3 business days.

Privileged accounts require Duo and will have a 90-day password expiration policy. 

See this FAQ for additional information on when to use a privileged account usage.

Direct any general questions to your unit’s Information Security Liaison or contact ITS Information Security Compliance

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