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If your instructor has specified use of the Respondus LockDown Browser for a quiz, you need to use it to take the quiz. Respondus LockDown Browser locks the browser you are using to take a quiz so you will not be able to print, copy/paste, access another web site unless it is part of a quiz question, or access other applications on your computer while taking the quiz. When you access the quiz for the first time, you will see a link to download Respondus LockDown Browser. The LockDown Browser is already installed in many of the labs on campus. If you are using a personal computer or a university computer that doesn't have the LockDown Browser installed, you must install it before being able to take the quiz. The installation process takes approximately 5 minutes


If you are employed by UNC Charlotte, you need to authenticate using your phone or tablet via DUO

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Open your course
  3. Click the link for your quiz. If you do not have a quiz that uses Respondus LockDown Browser to take yet, you can  self-enroll in the Training - Test Respondus Canvas course to read information about installing the LockDown Browser and access sample quizzes
  4. You will see the message, This quiz requires Respondus LockDown Browser on the page
  5. Click Take the Quiz
  6. Click the Download Respondus LockDown Browser link. The Respondus LockDown Browser Installation page is displayed
  7. Click Install Now
  8. The installer file will download to your computer, most likely to your Downloads folder
  9. Locate the InstallLDBPackage zip file and double click it. This will unzip the installer file. The expanded file will be named Install Respondus LockDown Browser.pkg. Double click that file to run the installer
  10. The installer Introduction page is displayed. Click Continue
  11. To accept the license agreement, click Continue

  12. Click Agree to accept the software license agreement
  13. If you want to change the installation location, click Change Install Location and follow the directions
  14. Click Install
  15. If necessary, enter your credentials that allow you to install an application and click Install Software
  16. The installation will start and you will view the progress
  17. When the installation is complete, click Close
  18. The Respondus LockDown Browser can be launched from your Applications folder

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