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You have installed successfully, Kaltura Capture. When you start recording, the countdown begins and then stops. The recorder appears but recording does not start. This may be due to device drivers (display and monitor) needing to be updated.

Other Recording Fixes

Here are the fixes that were tried. Make sure to reboot computer after each fix.

1. From the Windows Device Manager, make sure your monitor drivers are updated, match your monitor, and are not disabled.
* E.g. If computer has a generic driver, and the software didn't recognize that for some reason. update to the monitor driver, for a fix.
2. Update your graphics card to the latest driver/software.
* E.g. Computer had correct monitor drivers and graphics card driver. Update the monitor driver. If this still doesn't work, then update the graphics driver, to resolve the issue.
3. From the Windows Device Manager, make sure you don't have two display adapters active.
* E.g. A computer in the classroom is experiencing this issue. Update the monitor and graphics card driver. If the issue persists, then disable the onboard Intel driver and leave the AMD Graphics card enabled. Should resolve the issue.

Hopefully one of these scenarios will resolve your issue. See detailed steps below.

Understanding Device Manager

Device Manager is NOT a list of installed devices; it is a list of installed protected-mode device drivers. This means that while certain devices may be installed correctly, it will not appear in this list unless Windows has the drivers necessary to recognize it.

  1. Navigate to the Windows Icon (Start button) and type "Device Manager" in the search bar
    Device Manager
  2. Click the Enter key
  3. On the User Account Control dialog box, choose Yes
  4. The Device Manager window will appear with all the applicable devices in your computer displayed
    Device Manager and drivers
  5. Click on Display adapters (the display driver will show below)
    Display adapter
  6. Right click the driver, and choose Update Driver
    Update driver
  7. Choose the option to Search automatically for update driver software
    Search for updated drivers
  8. The search will check online for updated drivers
    Searching online
  9. The system will then install the updated driver
    Updated drivers
  10. Click Close
  11. Close the Device Manager window
  12. Restart Kaltura Capture using My Media > Add New > Kaltura Capture
  13. Choose your video capture input and start recording
    Start recording
  14. If this does not correct the issue or there is no update available....Contact IT Service Desk for additional assistance

Information on Device Manager Settings

Often when something is installed, but is not working in a computer, the problem can be traced back to incorrectly installed device drivers. The Device Manager in Windows will report devices that are not working correctly. Many of these problems can be solved by updating the driver in the Device Manager. If the above does not work, generate a Help Ticket through IT Service Catalog.

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