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The Faculty Dashboard enables faculty to understand the time spent and activity levels of the members of a class over time. It also enables faculty to compare a selected student to percentile groups of the class to help identify potential issues.  Only faculty have access to this dashboard.


An Apporto Group must be created which includes your current student roster.  Please use this FAQ to request a Group for your class.

  1. Click the Analytics icon in the Navigation panel.
    Analytics icon screenshot
  2. Select the group or subgroup for which you wish to view statistics from the first drop-down menu.

    1. The menu lists all groups and subgroups you have access to.
  3. The screen refreshes to display percentile groups for the class (25 percentile, 50th percentile and 75th percentile) for the selected group/subgroup and desktop or app.

    1. NOTE: If no statistics exist for the selected group/subgroup and desktop/app combination, the message "NO DATA AVAILABLE" displays.

  4. Click a student name to compare usage statistics for the selected student against average statistics for the group/subgroup.

  5. Mouse over a node on the graph to view usage statistics for the student or class for the associated day.

Apporto's FAQs are available online.

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