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For journal articles found through the Atkins Library website, permalinks can be copied and shared with students in Canvas. Follow the steps below to find a link and place it in a Canvas course.

  1. Find the library resource you want to share with students
  2. Click the chain link icon for a permalink
  3. Click the Copy the permalink to clipboard option; you will get a confirmation when a Success note is displayed briefly
  4. The link can be placed as a link in a module or embedded in a page
    1. Module Link
      1. Add a new item in the desired module using the External URL option
      2. Paste the permalink and enter the appropriate information and click Add Item
    2. Embed in Page
      1. Create a page in the desired course
      2. Copy the below code into the page using the HTML Editor view. Be sure to replace the noted permalink with the permalink you copied
        1. <p><iframe src="PERMALINK" width="800" height="600" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" allow="autoplay"></iframe></p>

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