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  • If you are off campus using a University computer, the H/S/J drives will not connect until authenticated through VPN - see this FAQ for more information.
  • Beginning July 1, 2018, H drives are no longer provisioned for new student accounts. Students can request H drives here. Students do have access to Google Drive for cloud-based storage.
  • iOS devices (e.g. iPads) won't be able to access these drives, you need to use a computer.
  1. Go to your Mac Desktop and look for the icons for your network drives. Your S and J drives will be called dept and your H drive will display your NinerNET username:

    If you do not see your drives on your Desktop, please follow the steps in this FAQ to manually mount them. Macs need Apple Enterprise Connect for automatic network drive mapping. Please contact the IT Service Desk if you would like your Mac reimaged with the new Apple Enterprise Connect. 

  2. Double-click one of the icons, depending on which drive you want to access. 
  3. Click the file/folder you want (e.g. Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures, etc.):
  4. Select the file you want.

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