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  • Gmail generic accounts with a password managed through will be required to use Duo 2-factor authentication.
  • Password expires every 90 days.
  • Each person that the password has been shared with will need to have access to a device associated with the account in Duo. 
  • The owner of the generic account should follow the below instructions to get started.
1.Enable Duo for the generic accountUsing the NinerNET username and password for the generic account, follow this FAQ to enable Duo
2.Directly Assist others who need accessAfter the owner adds her/his device for Duo, additional devices for others that access the account can be added at the same time. Click +Add another device and step through the device adding process.

If you are unable to assist others directly, you can Generate Duo passcodes yourself...Using the SMS texting functionality, create Duo passcodes that can be used by others needing to add devices - follow this FAQ

...or Request a Duo passcodeIf you are unable to generate passcodes, the owner of the account can contact the IT Service Desk to request a multiple-use passcode to use for a limited time
3.Enroll devices in Duo

Share a/the passcode to each person who accesses the account and have them do the following...

  1. Go to, click Manage Accounts, and login using the generic account NinerNET username and password
  2. Click Add or remove phones & tablets from the Duo Two-Factor Authentication section

  3. Click Enter a Passcode and type the passcode provided by the generic account owner
  4. Click +Add another device and step through the device adding process - follow this FAQ for more information

If you are adding numerous mobile phones, you can rename devices in Duo to make identifying them easier. After adding the device, click Device Options, then click Change Device Name. Enter a more descriptive name (e.g. Jeff Phone or Beth iPad) and click Save.

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