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The NinerTech Computer Store site does not allow for tax-exempt purchases. You must enter a discount code on each order to remove the sales tax when making a tax-exempt University purchase using your purchasing card (p-card).

purchasing card image with arrow pointing to the NinerTech logo

  1. Contact the P-card Office to obtain the discount code.
  2. From your NinerTech online shopping cart, enter the provided code in the Discount code field and click the Apply button.
    Discount code area and field in the NinerTech checkout page
  3. A discount equal to the current sales tax rate will be applied to your order.
  4. Continue to checkout and fill in the required fields to complete your order.

  5. The order review screen will reflect the sales tax discount.

    Note: The discount amount will not equal the taxes amount on the order screen.

    Order review screen on site

    Additional NinerTech departmental ordering information is available online.

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