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Scenario: I have 70 students on my class roster, 50 show up to class, and 65 submitted answers to my Poll Everywhere quiz. How can I obtain IP addresses and how do I read them to know if my students were in the classroom and just left after answering, or did not attend class and answered from a different location?  Answer: Embed the first poll question within Canvas.

  1. Login to your Poll Everywhere account
  2. Go to your first poll question and get the embed code
  3. Copy this embed code
  4. Login to your Canvas course
  5. Go to Pages and create a New Page (+ Page)
    Create a new Canvas Page
  6. Name your Canvas Page
  7. Click the HTML Editor to change the textbox entry
  8. In the Rich Content Editor, paste the Poll Everywhere embed code
  9. Change the width and height numbers from percentages to pixels (px)
    Poll Everywhere embed code
  10. Save and Publish the Page
    Save and Publish Page
  11. Instruct your students to login to your Canvas course and access the page to answer the first polling question
    Access polling question in Canvas
  12. By clicking on the link within the Canvas page, your students will be able to login to Poll Everywhere and answer the polling questions
  13. As faculty, you will be able to obtain student activity records (including IP addresses) from the Canvas Activity Logs
    Generate Activity Logs in Canvas

Safe guarding Poll Questions

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