First Semester:  Hold - Early Entry Form

As soon as you receive admit letter and you declare your Intent-to-Enroll through the Graduate Application Portal, the University puts a "Early Entry Program" hold on your registration

To remove this hold, you must immediately do the following.

Fill out an Early Entry Program Petition at

  1. When creating the petition, for Petition Level select "Graduate" and for Petition Type select "Early Entry".  This will display a petition form similar to the one below:
  2. Fill out the petition in consultation with your Undergraduate Adviser.
  3. On the form, list at least one grad. course that you want to take either (i) in your first Early Entry semester or (ii) in a future semester as an Early Entry student.

    While completing your BS you may double count up to 12 credits (4 hours) plus take one additional grad course which is not double counted.   For more details see Catalog: Computer Science, M.S., Early Entry.

    The listed grad. course can be taken either with double counting or without double counting.

    • To double count a course:  (1) you must list the both the grad. course and the double counted undergrad. course and  (2) for the Count Towards option you must select "Undergraduate & Graduate"
      • Standard Double Counted Courses:     The list of standard double counted course pairings are at links below:

      • Non-Standard Double Counted Courses:
        • Consult with your Undergraduate Adviser on any desired non-standard, double counted course pair.

        • 3000/6000 ITCS Courses:   Since the 2018-2019 Catalogs, no ITCS 3000-6000 double-counting course pairings exist.
          Early Entry students must meet the requirements of the Catalog year under which they are graduating.
          Exceptions will only be granted in rare circumstances and the Early Entry Petition making the special request must be submitted prior to taking the ITCS course.

    • To not double count a course, for the Count Towards option select "Graduate Only".  

  4. Submit the Petition.
  5. The Petition will be automatically, electronically routed to a sequence of individuals for their approval.   The sequence is your Undergraduate Advisor, then your Graduate Advisor, then the CS MS Program Director and eventually the Registrar's Office.
  6. When the Petition is approved by Registrar's Office, you will receive an email indicating approval.
  7. At that point, you still must register for the graduate section of the course in order for double counting to occur.

Later Semesters

Typically you will submit additional Early Entry Program Petitions for later semesters.   

The Petition must be completed before the first day of classes of the semester in you wish to take the listed course(s).

The procedure to follow for these additional Petitions is the same as discussed above in Section "First Semester".

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