The 6490 credits hours do not count toward the graduation requirement of 30 hours; in other words, 6490 credits are not a substitute for the regular course requirements.

The details below are copied from the 2018/19 Graduate Catalog:

ITCS 6490 - Industrial Internship

Full- or part-time academic year internship in computer science areas complementary to the concentration area of studies and designed to allow theoretical and course-based practical learning to be applied in a supervised industrial experience. Each student’s internship program must be approved by the supervising faculty, the academic advisor, and the graduate program director. A mid-term report and a final report to be evaluated by the supervising faculty are required. Grading is on a Pass/Unsatisfactory basis by the supervising faculty in consultation with off-campus supervisor at the internship organization. The credit hours may not be part of the minimum 30 credit hours for graduation.

(Source: Graduate Catalog | 2018/19 : ITCS 6490, accessed 9/11/2018).

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