Step 1.  Student → Check if you can defend your proposal

Step 2.  Student → Make sure you are on track

  • You are strongly recommended to defend your proposal within 3 years since entering the Ph.D.
  • You must defend your proposal within ten semesters since entering the Ph.D.  Or you will be terminated from the program.

Step 3.  Student → 2 months before the proposal, start getting the proposal date and time

  1. Student → Consult with your advisor, to come up with as "many" dates and times. Schedule a minimum of two hours for your defense.
  2. Student → Check with your committee members to get the date and time that works for everyone.
    1. Tip → Use Doodle form

Step 4.  Student → 1 months before the proposal, send the proposal information to the program coordinator

  1. Student → Email the following info to the program coordinator
    1. Which track = CS, SIS, BISOM
    2. When is your defense = e.g. Monday, July 30, 1:00 pm
    3. Where is your defense = e.g. Woodward 338
    4. Title of your proposal
    5. Dissertation Advisor
    6. Abstract
    7. Tip for the student → we are asking this information to create something like this (LINK)
  2. Student → Complete Request to Schedule Proposal Defense form (CCI PhD Proposal Defense). The Director of Graduate Studies will receive the form once all faculty have signed it.
  3. Student → Recommended to share the "draft" of the proposal to the committee members
  4. Student → Student needs to schedule Zoom Meeting (

Step 5.  Student → 2 weeks before the proposal, share the proposal with the committee

  1. Student→ Provide copies of the written proposal to the Committee members
    1. Tip → sharing a Dropbox link or Google Drive link helps you to keep updating and ensuring that the committee members always have the latest copy
  2. Program coordinator Save the announcement under student's folder in Team Drive / Dept-CCI-CIS Ph.D. / Student Records
  3. Program coordinator → announce the proposal defense by email.
    1. Email to and and

Step 6.  Student → day of the proposal defense, print the forms

  1. Student → Send these forms to your committee members
    1. one dissertation proposal rubrics sheet for each member of the committee - Dissertation Proposal Rubrics
    2. the proposal defense report: Dissertation Proposal Form
      1. Fill out the names in the form before the proposal defense.

Step 7.  Research Advisor → day of the proposal defense, record the outcome

  1. Research Advisor→ record the outcome on the proposal defense report.  See the step #6
    1. Check "Passed" or "Failed"
    2. Get signatures of the committee members.
  2. Research Advisor → get all committee members (including yourself) to fill out two rubrics forms.  See the step #6
    1. For each row, circle one of the columns
    2. Write the name of the committee member on the top of the page
  3. Research Advisor → Return the forms to the program coordinator.
    1.  rubrics
    2. proposal defense report

Step 8.  Program Coordinator → after the proposal defense, file the outcome

  1. Program coordinator→ Record pass/fail and rubrics grade on Rubrics Spreadsheet - (Proposal Defense Rubrics in Team Drive)
    1. Go to the Tab of the semester
    2. Simply average all values from all categories and all committee members for 
      1. Research Proposal
      2. Oral Presentation and Communication
    3. Scan the rubrics sheets to Team Drive - (Student Records folder of Team Drive)
  2. Program coordinator → Record the outcome on the master CIS Student Tracking File - (CIS PhD Students in Team Drive)
    1. Go to the "Current" tab
    2. Go to the column for "Proposal" (Column N and O)
    3. Record the Date and Outcome
  3. Program coordinator → add the student to the
    1. How do I update

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