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Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging to your students. Flipgrid is now a part of Microsoft, and just like Office 365, Flipgrid is now free for all educators and students. Whether students are working on personalized goals or differentiated activities to foster growth, as faculty you can provide opportunities for students to capture understanding of the course material and allow their thinking to be visible using Flipgrid.

  1. As a student, you will log into Canvas to access your course
    Access Canvas Course
  2. In the navigation menu, you will be able to find the assignments via the Assignments link 
  3. The active Flipgrid will appear with the associated instructions provided by the instructor
  4. You will click the large green + button to record responses once you have reviewed the prompt
  5. The recording screen will appear. Click Allow to provide access to your camera and microphone
  6. The recording screen will now be ready for you to provide your response in the time allotted
  7.  You will click on the recording icon to record your response. There are several editing tools for you to add to their video 
  8. A (3, 2, 1) countdown will be provided before the recording begins
  9. After the recording is completed, you will click Next to review their video response. Here, you are given the choice to add more content if needed
  10. After the review is completed, you will click Next to add a selfie picture. This will act as the thumbnail for the video 
  11. Click Next to add applicable information on Title and option Link. Click the Submit my Video button to finalize your FlipGrid video response
  12. A Success window will appear confirming submission and you will get a notification that you has submitted the response 

Access Anytime

You can record via the mobile devices as long as they have both the Canvas and FlipGrid apps downloaded onto their device. You will go into your Canvas app and locate the task via the assignments tab. 

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