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Duo can text you 10 one-time use passcodes that are valid for 6 months.

  1. Login to a Single Sign On system ( or
  2. On the Duo authentication screen, (1) confirm the device you want to send the text to is selected and (2) click Enter a Passcode
    Duo Enter a Passcode
  3. Click Text me new codes
    Text me new codes button
  4. The passcodes will be texted to your device
    Passcodes successfully sent
  5. Type one of the passcodes into the field and click Log In

Remember the following regarding passcodes....

  1. Individual passcodes can only be used once
  2. Passcodes sent by text are valid for 6 months, so they can be stored in a secure manner and used at a later time
  3. A new batch of passcodes will invalidate previous batches (e.g.10 passcodes sent in text #1. 10 more passcodes sent in text #2. The passcodes in text #1 will no longer work.)

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