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The process for using Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement) is outlined below.

  1. Eligible employee must obtain approval from their manager before taking the class to ensure the course is job-related, and departmental funds are available for reimbursement.  
  2. Employee enrolls in the course(s).
  3. Employee pays tuition and fees.
  4. Employee completes the Application for Tuition Reimbursement form including proper signatures, receipt, and transcript of grade using the Imaging Document Submission eForm for processing within 30 days of receipt of the grade documenting successful completion of the course defined as:
    1.  “Satisfactory,” “Pass,” or a grade of “C” or better for undergraduate courses
    2. grade “B” or better for graduate courses

Note: An “Incomplete” shall not be reimbursed until a final grade is issued.