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Faculty and staff can sponsor guest accounts, however only designated Business Officers and Information Security Liaisons can submit these requests.
Do not submit sponsored guest accounts for new employees.

Non-US Citizen Requests: Depending on the Visa type, documentation from the International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) may be required to submit the request. Requests for guests with B1, B2 and Visa Waiver status are exempt from this requirement. 

Vendor Requests: Review the contract with the appropriate business officer prior to submitting the request.

You must attach an image of the guests' official photo ID (e.g. US Driver’s License, State ID, Green Card, or Passport). Non-US Citizens must attach an ISSO email indicating that the paperwork is complete. 
Some states have started to issue electronic driver's licenses. If submitting an electronic drivers license, please submit both pages.

  1. The Sponsored Guest Account Form is used to request NinerNET credentials for affiliated guests to get access to University's electronic and computing resources. See this FAQ for more details.
  2. To get started, Business Officers and Information Security Liaisons can open a browser and go to the OneIT Sponsored Guest Account Form
  3. Enter your NinerNET credentials and select the Log In button, as shown below: 
    web authentication page
  4. Once credentials have been entered, the OneIT Sponsored Guest Account Form will be displayed.
  5. The Submitter (800#) and Name will automatically be displayed, as shown below: 
    screenshot of form
  6. Enter the Sponsor’s UNC Charlotte ID (800#).  The Sponsor’s email address will automatically be displayed.
  7. Select the appropriate category from the drop down list. Choose the appropriate subcategory as needed.
     category screenshot
  8. If applicable, select a Guest Department. The default entry is the Submitter’s department.
  9. Select a Start Date. This is the date the Sponsored Guest’s access will begin.
  10. Select an End Date. This is the date the Sponsored Guest’s access will be terminated.
    1. You can only request access for twelve months. If a longer period is needed, you can request an extension after one year.
  11. Is Guest a US Citizen or Permanent Resident? Select Yes or No.
    1. If No is selected,
      1. Enter the Guest’s I-94 Number, if available.
      2. Select an I-94 Expiration Date (optional).
      3. Select a Visa Type.
      4. Are you a part of the Visa Waiver Program? Select Yes or No.
      5. Do you have an Employment Authorization Document? Select Yes or No.
  12. If appropriate, enter the Guest’s previous UNC Charlotte Username or UNC Charlotte ID #.
    guests previous information
    1. If the UNC Charlotte username is found, the Legal First Name, Legal Middle Name, Legal Last Name, Preferred First Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Personal Email Address fields will be automatically populated with information from Banner.  Please edit any incorrect information.
    2. If no username is found, please enter this guest information.

      1. Legal First Name
      2. Preferred First Name, if applicable
      3. Legal Middle Name (full name no initials)
        1. Check the No Middle Name box if applicable
      4. Legal Last Name
      5. Previous Last Name, if applicable
      6. Date of Birth
      7. Gender
      8. Cell Phone Number
      9. Personal Email Address (this has to be an active, personal email account used by the guest. It will be used to set the NinerNET password.)
      10. Permanent Address
      11. Company Name (if appropriate)
      12. Company Address (if appropriate)
      13. Additional Information (optional)
  13. Check the box to acknowledge that you have reviewed this request with your department's Information Security Liaison (ISL) or you are the departments ISL.
  14. Click the Attachments button to attach required supporting documentation.
    1. Navigate to the file location of the photo ID, select the file, and click Open.
    2. Click OK once you have attached all the required documents.

      Guests who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents are required to attach the email from the ISSO department indicating their paperwork is complete.

  15. Click the Submit Sponsored Guest Account Form button to submit your form for processing.

  16. Click the Reset and Submit Another button to submit another new Sponsored Guest Account Form.
  17. Email confirmations will be sent  to both Submitter and Sponsor when form is submitted and approved/denied.
    email notification
  18. Guests will receive an email notification to their personal email address that an account has been created.

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