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Before submitting the form, please make sure you have signed the University Confidentiality Agreement form, see this FAQ for more details.

  1. To request access, click the link OneIT ImageNow Add/Remove Access Request

  2. Login with your NinerNet credentials

    1. The online access request form will open in a browser window. Your 800# and name will be displayed

  3. Enter UNC Charlotte ID or name (Last, First) of the person requesting access (or requiring removal) and click the TAB key

  4. Enter in a brief description in the Reason for Request text box 

  5. Click on the drop-down list and select either Add Imaging Access or Remove Imaging Access

    1. If Add Imaging Access is selected, click the TAB key

      1. Select the security group(s) needed by the user

        1. If desired, you can select an existing Imaging user and copy those permissions using the Copy Access From will display. 

          1. Enter the Copy User From imaging user’s 800# or name (Last Name, First Name) and press the TAB key. The user’s name and all the security groups associated with that user will display

        2. To select each security group(s) individually

          1. Select the Category drop down list and select the appropriate Category (e.g. ITS, TAX, HR, PAY) 

          2. Select the Security Group (e.g. ITS SGA External Viewer, GA FTR Approver, PAY Payroll Processor, or HR HRIS Supervisor) from the Access Group drop down list 

            1. The Supervisor security access group has the ability to delete documents and approve access requests

        3. All Imaging users must verify that they have read and understand the Imaging PCI Compliance and Data Security procedures

      2. Enter your initials beside By initialing and submitting this document, you are indicating that the person listed in the User Information section has read and understands the Data Security and PCI Complianceprocedures and policies

    2. If Remove Imaging Access is select, click the TAB key 
      1. Check the groups that access should be removed from in the Group Information: Remove Imaging Access section
  6. Attach any supporting documentation
  7. Click Submit Access Request to submit the form

  8. Click the Start New Form button to clear and submit another form for access

  9. Close the browser or tab to exit

    Supervisor's approval should be attached to request prior to clicking the Submit Access Request button.

    The Category is an abbreviation of a department.  For Example: HR=Human Resources; TCP=Travel and Complex Payments; AP=Accounts Payable; EC=eCommerce; FA=Financial Aid; REG=Registrar's Office; RED=Research and Economic Development; etc.  The Security Groups have the same department abbreviations before the type of group. 

    Security GroupDescription
    Scanning ProfileAllows users to scan based on their granted access

    External Viewer

    Grants users access to view only


    Allows user to process documents within Perceptive Content (i.e. route forward, update custom properties, attach documents, etc.)


    Grants the same access as processor plus the ability to delete

    ApproverGrants users access to approve or deny tasks

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