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You must have manager access on a Google Shared Drive to manage who has access. See this FAQ for more information about Google Shared Drive permissions.

  1. Login to and browse to the Google Shared Drive folder you want to manage by expanding Shared Drives
    Google Shared drive
  2. Right click on the folder and select Manage members
    Google Team Drive Manage
  3. A Member access box will open that lists who has access and what access they have
    Google Team Drive access box
  4. To change or remove access for current members...
    1. Click the access dropdown menu to the right of the member you want to change or remove
    2. Click the new access you want to provide to the member
      Google Team Drive change or remove
    3. Click Done
  5. To add members...
    1. Click ADD MEMBERS
      Google Team Drive add members
    2. Enter the name of the person/Google group or email address into the Add names or email addresses field
    3. Click Content Manager to change the permissions for the person/Google group you are adding (Note that the default permission is Content Manager)
      Google Team Drive add member permissions
    4. Enter a message in the the Message field if you want to send a personalized note to the new member
    5. Check the Skip sending notification checkbox if you do not want to send a email notification to the new member
    6. Click Send/Add

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