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  1. Office of OneIT Google Shared Drive administrators use a standard naming convention when creating folders - this naming convention allows for...
    1. Grouping of common Google Shared Drive types (Google lists Shared Drives alphabetically)
    2. Easy identification of purpose and ownership
  2. Folders should, when possible, include a department name
  3. Examples of Google Shared Drive naming...
    1. dept-<department>-<subdepartment>
      1. Example:  dept-oneit-ce
    2. cmte-<department>-<committee name>
      1. Example:  cmte-oneit-clientfacing
    3. proj-<department>-<project name>
      1. Example:  proj-oneit-itsm
    4. research-<department>-<research project>
      1. Example:  research-biol-DNAstudy
    5. grant-<department>-<grant name>
      1. Example:  grant-econ-financial

If this naming convention doesn't work for your Shared drive, discuss options with Google Shared Drive administrators when requesting a Shared drive.

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