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  1. What are Outcomes
  2. What are Rubrics?
  3. Creating an Account level Rubric
  4. Creating Account Level Outcomes
    1. Create an Outcome group for an account
    2. Create an Outcome for an account
  5. Aligning Outcomes with Rubrics
    1. Import Outcomes for a course
    2. Manage Rubrics in a course
    3. Add an existing Outcome to a course
    4. Align Outcomes with a Rubric
  6. Aligning Rubrics/Outcomes to Assessments
    1. Create the assignment
    2. Add the rubric to the assignment
    3. Save the rubric for future use
    4. Align an Outcome to Question Banks
    5. Add a rubric to a graded discussion
    6. Students can view the rubric for an assignment
    7. Use the rubric to grade an assignment
  7. Outcomes and Rubrics Reporting
    1. View the Outcome results report
    2. Use the Learning Mastery Gradebook to view Outcome results
    3. View the Rubric for a graded discussion
    4. View individual Outcomes or student results in the Learning Mastery Gradebook

    5. View results, Competency Reports, for a college level account

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