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  1. When planning events it is important to consider individuals with disabilities who may attend the events.  
  2. Accessible planning should include the faculty, staff, students and campus visitors who may need accessible features in order to participate in events. 
  3. Planning should consider accessible parking, pathways, restrooms, and appropriate access for individuals who may have visual, auditory or mobility impairments.  
  4. A request for event accommodations should be addressed early to ensure that services can be arranged.  
  5. See this checklist for planning an accessible event
  6. It is essential to provide public notification about requesting accommodations as well as to hold events in accessible locations.  Include a statement at the foot of the event announcement informing individuals about whom they should contact in order to request an accommodation.

    Sample Notification Statement:

    UNC Charlotte is committed to having an accessible campus for individuals with disabilities.  To request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals should complete a request form at  or email the request to, or contact the Office of Disability Services at 704‑687‑0040 (tty/v).   Requests should be made at least 7 business days prior to the event.

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