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See this FAQ for information on getting a fob. Fobs should be configured for only one account and should not be shared.

U2F token authentication only works in the Chrome and Opera browser.

The below instructions are for a U2F configured fob - the most commonly used fob.

  1. Use a computer to browse to, don't use your phone.

  2. Click Manage Account and login

    These instructions are if you are already using Duo and have configured devices. If you are enrolling in Duo, see this FAQ for instructions.

  3. Click Add or remove phones & tablets from the Duo Two-Factor Authentication section

  4. In order to manage your Duo settings and devices, you must first successfully authenticate to Duo.  Choose your preferred authentication device and authenticate

  5. Once in My Settings & Devices, click Add another device
  6. Select Security Key and click Continue

  7. Click Continue

  8. A pop-up window will open.  Insert your fob into a USB slot - it should begin flashing.  Pinch the gold activation button
    Enroll U2F token - insert fob
  9. A green check mark will briefly appear and the pop-up window will close.  You will be returned to the Duo My Settings & Devices.  The U2F token will be displayed as a NEW device
    U2F token is now a device 
  10. Click Log Out

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