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In general, expenses are reimbursable if they have a genuine business purpose.

Payment method

The preferred method to purchase CATS round-trip light rail tickets for guests who are traveling for legitimate business travel purposes is to use a University-issued purchasing card (p-card).

  1. If there are university guests who incur legitimate transportation expenses to attend university business, then those expenses are generally reimbursable. 
  2. If you submit an actual ticket for reimbursement, no related mileage reimbursement is allowed.
    1. Tickets may be purchased via the CATS mobile app, at a ticket vending machine located at train stations, or online through the CATS online pass sales store.
      1. Note: For online purchases, there is a minimum total purchase amount, an additional mailing and processing fee is assessed by CATS, and tickets must be purchased several business days before use to allow time for delivery via mail. 
  3. Charge visitor transportation expenses to account 925440, Board/Non-employee Transportation.

    There is currently not a way to provide a ticket to a visitor before their visit unless it is mailed. Parking and Transportation Services (PaTS) is working with CATS on a solution to this situation. As more information becomes available, this FAQ will be updated.

  4. Departments cannot use University Funds to purchase a CATS light rail all-access transit pass or ticket for an employee.

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