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  1. Departments cannot use University funds for UNC Charlotte employee commuting expenses, including to purchase Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) passes for employees for commuting purposes.
  2. Employees can use the CATS light rail for legitimate business travel purposes (e.g., to attend a continuing education class at UNC Charlotte Center City Building to teach a class, to conduct University business). 
    1. Employee ground transportation expenses should be charged to account 925140, In-state Transportation-Ground.

CATS Semester and Annual All-access Transit Passes

  1. UNC Charlotte faculty and staff can purchase a CATS all-access transit pass at a deeply discounted rate through their MyPark account.
    1. If an employee purchases a semester or annual CATS all-access transit pass primarily for personal use and uses it occasionally to travel for university business, they cannot be reimbursed for a portion of the annual cost or any related mileage.
  2. If an employee frequently travels for university business to uptown and areas served by the light rail and purchases a semester or annual CATS all-access transit pass to conduct university business (e.g., regularly teaches classes at both the main campus and center city building), a department may choose to reimburse an employee for the cost of the semester or annual all-access transit pass.

    1. This reimbursement is taxable to the employee since the employee would also be able to use the pass for personal use.

    2. Departments can choose to gross up the payment if desired; the amount of the gross-up must be paid via Discretionary Funds.

      Payment method

      Submit reimbursement requests via a Employee & Student Direct Pay Request form.

CATS Round Trip Tickets

Payment method

The preferred method to purchase CATS round-trip tickets for legitimate business travel purposes is to use a University-issued purchasing card (p-card).

  1. Tickets may be purchased via the CATS mobile app, at a ticket vending machine located at train stations, or online through the CATS online pass sales store.
    1. Note: For online purchases, there is a minimum total purchase amount, an additional mailing and processing fee is assessed by CATS, and tickets must be purchased several business days before use to allow time for delivery via mail.
  2. If requesting reimbursement via a Mileage and Transportation Reimbursement (MTR) form, note that reimbursements should be grouped, as long as they can still be submitted within 60 days of the expense, and should at least exceed $5 per request. 

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