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This details the steps on how to edit captions. More information can be found on the Kaltura Knowledge Editing Captions site

  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Click the My Media link. The My Media page is displayed
  3. For the video you want to edit, either click the preview image or the video link

  4. Select Actions located under the video
  5. Select Edit from the drop down menu 
  6. Select Captions 
  7. Edit the automatic machine captions by clicking the Edit Captions button
    1. Kaltura will allow you to edit the spelling, grammar, as well as the timing of the display 
    2. Click the pencil icon so as to edit the captions Label and Language designation
      Image showing how to edit the captions for text corrections
  8. In the Closed Captions Editor, hover over and click each text box to make your edits
    Hover and click the text box to make corrections
  9. As you make corrections in the Closed Captions Editor, you will be able to:

    1. Edit each text box (1) by scrolling down the editor by timing and text
    2. Play the video (2) to follow the text associated with the timing
    3. Save changes (3) made to the text periodically so as not to lose your changes
  10. Once you have completed saving the captions changes, the video will automatically be updated
    Image showing video with edited captions
  11. Updates to the video captions/transcription takes place in My Media and in the embedded video in Canvas Pages

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