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Faculty can send emails to their class through My UNC Charlotte. This method of emailing the class can be useful if the class is not set up on Canvas or the class does not have a Canvas discussion. This feature can be used to email a single person in the class, a group of people in the class, or the entire class

  1. If off campus, log into the VPN first. See this FAQ for more details.
  2. Log in to My UNC Charlotte
  3. Under the Teaching section, click Course Class List
  4. Log into Report Express with your NinerNET credentials
  5. Leave Class List selected
  6. Make the appropriate selections for the course you're interested in emailing
  7. Click Submit
  8. Open the file containing email addresses for the class
  9. Copy/paste the relevant email addresses into Gmail and send the desired message


Remember to paste recipient addresses in the Bcc field if you want addresses hidden from the other recipients. All replies will get sent to the sender’s email address.

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