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To access or order your transcript online follow the steps below. Additional information can be found on the Order Transcripts webpage in Niner Central.

Active Students

(students enrolled in the last 12 months)

Non-Active Students

(students not enrolled for more than 12 months)

  1. Log into My UNC Charlotte
  2. Select Banner Self Service
  3. Select Student Services / Student Accounts
  4. Select Student Records
  5. Choose the correct transcript option:
    1. Request (Electronic) Official Transcript (eTranscript)
    2. Request (Paper) Official Transcript
    3. Unofficial Transcript
  1. First time users will need to create a Parchment account
  2. Start by adding a school (UNC Charlotte)
  3. Use the Search feature to locate the school
  4. When your school appears, select Add
  5. Sign in to your account
  6. Select Order under school name
  7. Follow the provided instructions to complete your order.


An outstanding financial balance prevents the viewing of your unofficial transcript online and the ordering of an official transcript.

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