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Beginning July 1, 2018, H drives are no longer provisioned for new student accounts. Students can request H drives here. Students do have access to Google Drive for cloud-based storage.

  1. The university provides on-campus file storage; this is called networked storage.
  2. This storage can be accessed from on-campus or off-campus using university or personal devices.
  3. The drives are automatically mapped on university computers.
  4. All faculty and staff have access to H/S/J drives. All students prior to Fall 2018 were given an H drive. Student employees will be given access to S and J department storage if needed
  5. H drive is a storage location for personal work-related files, the J drive is for department files e.g. MYDEPT and the S drive is shared files that are available to/from various departments e.g. OneIT, Materials Management, CLAS, Campus Merchants.
  6. Your NinerNET account provides access to these drives
  7. The H drive gives you 200MB of space for University work; S and J drives are larger since they serve department needs.
  8. We do not increase storage space because there are several other options available to the campus community.
    1. If you need more storage, consider using Google Drive (unlimited) or faculty and staff can sign up for a Dropbox account.

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