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When a student requests to take a test, quiz, or Final Exam at the Disability Services (DS) Test Center, faculty/instructor will receive an email notification. Faculty/instructor is expected to review the test date and time, approve the request, provide proctoring information, and upload the test materials if possible. The following instructions explain how to review test requests, approve them, provide proctoring information, and upload the test materials. 

  1. Go to DS Portal.

  2. Click on DS Faculty Portal.

    DS Faculty Portal icon

  3. Click on Courses.
    Welcome page of the Faculty Portal

  4. Login using your NinerNet username and password.
    Instructor Log in
  5. The Courses tab opens. The courses that you are teaching are listed here. A yellow star (Yellow star) indicates that at least one student has requested a test/exam in the system for that course.
    List of courses
  6. Click on the Yellow star Tests and Exams link to confirm the requested Test/Exam for that course.

    Test and Exam link icon

  7. The Scheduled Tests and Examinations page opens. A list of students requested tests/exams is here. Click Confirm/Edit.

    You will need to confirm each exam individually

  8. The Test Details page opens viewing the class test date and time which were provided by the student. Review the test, date, and time. If the information is incorrect, make changes as needed. Click Next.Class test date and time as provided by the student

  9. The Students page opens. The students who have requested to take this exam in the DS Test Center are listed here. The test times listed may vary for each student due to extended time accommodations and/or conflict with other courses. Click Next to continue.
    List of students requested to take their test at the DS Test Center

  10. The Test Information page opens. A list of items are displayed. Select the items you allow all students for that test. Only items selected by you are allowed in the DS Test Center. Please complete all information to ensure proper test administration.

  11. Next, select software required for the test/exam, if any.

    List of software required for the test

  12. Select the Test Delivery and the Test Return options. Once selected, click Next to continue.

    Delivery and Return options

  13. The Submit Changes page opens. Review the test details; you can upload any test material here.
    Confirmation and test materials upload page

  14. If all the information is correct, click Submit Changes
    Submit button

  15. See this flyer for a quick guideline.
  16. For any questions, email, or call (704) 687-0040

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