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Students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services (DS) can request their Accommodation Letters online by following the below instructions.

Tips for Success

  • Have your NinerNET credentials (username and password) ready.
  • Print a list of your courses from Banner.
    • Be sure that each course has an assigned instructor before you request your Accommodation Letter.
  • We recommend waiting to request your Accommodation Letters close to the start of the semester and no earlier than 5 days before the first day of class.
  1. Go to DS Portal website.
  2. Click on DS Student Portal icon. The Online Student Services window opens.
    DS Portal landing web page
  3. Click on Request Accommodation Letters icon.
    Welcome page of the Online Student Services
  4. Log in using your NinerNET username and password.
  5. This is the same information you use to sign in to “My UNC Charlotte” Portal

    Student Log in

  6. Your courses will be listed on the Request Accommodations page.
  7. Select the correct semester from the drop-down menu on the right side of the window.
  8. Under STATUS, courses indicated as Waiting for student to request are courses for which you can request accommodations.
  9. Click the Request button next to one of your courses to proceed.
    Request accommodation page
  10. The selected course appears on the right side with a check mark. On the left side, you will select the appropriate accommodation(s) for that course. Not all accommodations may be appropriate for every course.
    List of accommodations to select from
  11. Indicate if your accommodations require any changes.
    1. If no changes are required, click the option My accommodation(s) are correct the way they are.
    2. If changes are required, click the option I need to change or add to my accommodations, and describe the changes/additions in the note textbox. If changes are required, Disability Services will be notified. You may need to meet with your DS counselor to address any changes/additions.
      Correct accommodation, or require accommodation change
  12. Next, review the Terms of Use and Accommodation Agreement.
    List of term of Use and Accommodation Agreement page
  13. Indicate your agreement by clicking on the checkbox I agree to the terms outlined above. Click Submit.
    Acknowledge the acceptance of the Term of Use and Accommodation Agreement
  14. You will return back to the Request Accommodations page. If you did not request any changes, the STATUS of any course for which you have completed the process will indicate Sent. Your Accommodation Letter has been sent to your instructor through the DS Portal.
  15. Repeat the process for any remaining courses in which you need to request accommodation(s).
  16. For questions, email, or call (704) 687-0040

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