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Students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services (DS) and qualify for test accommodation can follow the below instructions to schedule their tests in the DS Test Center.

Tips for Success

  • Your NinerNET credentials (username and password)
  • Class schedule
  • Test dates, start times, and durations for each test

Use the following steps to schedule a test, midterm, or quiz in the DS Test Center. To schedule a Final Exam, visit the Final Exam FAQ instructions.

  1. Go to DS Portal

  2. Click the DS Student Portal icon
    DS Student Portal icon

  3. Click on Schedule a test or exam icon
    Schedule a test or exam icon

  4. Click Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz tab on the menu bar
    Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz menu

  5. Log in using your NinerNET username and password.

    This is the same information you use to sign in to “My UNC Charlotte” Portal

    Student Log in

  6. Once logged in, you will be on the Welcome Page for Online Test Scheduling.  Review all of the information.  To get started with scheduling your test click Next
    Online Test Scheduling welcome page

  7. Select the course to schedule your test or quiz.

    Only courses for which you have requested accommodations will be available for selection

    Once you select your course, click “Next.”
    Select course page

  8. Enter the date, start time, and duration of the in-class test. If you are uncertain about the duration of the in-class test, confirm with your professor before scheduling your test in the system. Any extended time accommodations will be automatically calculated by the system and will show on the upcoming screens. Therefore, the accuracy of entering correct information is essential. Once all required information is entered, click Next.
    Select date of the class test

    Select time of the class test
    Select duration of the class test and click Next

  9. Select the accommodations that you require for this test. Accommodations that appear are those you chose for this course when you requested your Accommodation Letters. If there is a testing accommodation you require that does not appear, contact Disability Services. Once you have selected your accommodations, click Next.
    Select accommodation for this test

  10. Review your testing time. If you have extended time accommodations, you will see the calculated time on this screen. If the test time you requested is different from your scheduled class time, you will need to notify your instructor. Click Next.
    Test date and time appears if no conflict

  11. Confirm that the information you are submitting is correct by clicking on the acknowledgment checkbox at the bottom of the page. You must click Finish to complete this process. Your request will be sent to your instructor. You will receive a confirmation email with your test date and time.
    Confirm and complete page. Click Finish

  12. If have submitted your test request successfully, the system will acknowledge with a thank you notice.

  13. To schedule other tests click the Schedule another test button. Once you have scheduled your tests, remember to log out.

    Schedule another test or log out page

  14. For any questions, email, or call (704) 687-0040

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