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Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote) is installed on all University managed Windows computers. Microsoft Project and Visio are not included in the Office package and must be purchased before installing on University computers.

This software can either be purchased as stand alone software or through an Microsoft 365 subscription. The preferred purchase method is described below. 

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your NinerNet credentials
  3. Click the Dell logo
    Dell logo
  4. Under Standard Configurations search for Project Pro or Visio Pro
    Search screenshot
  5. Click Add to cart
    add to cart
  6. Click Go to Cart
    Go to cart
  7. Click Save as eQuote
  8. save as eQuote
  9. You will receive the eQuote in your email.
    1. Continue to follow your department/college procurement process.
  10. After purchasing your department/college will receive an eCertificate from Dell.
  11. Submit a ticket in Cherwell and attach the eCertificate
  12. OneIT will process the ticket and make the software available through Software Center. You will receive a notification when the software is available to you.

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