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Macs come with Office 2019 installed (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) but if something happens to the files and the programs need to be re-installed, follow the instructions below.

If you are interested in installing/upgrading to Office 2019, you can find Word, Excel, and PowerPoint using Self Service:

  1. Open Finder.

  2. Click on Applications Self Service.
  3. Find the application (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) that you want to upgrade. You can use the search option in the top left corner of the window. 

    1. You may be required to log in.  Simply click the Log In button on the top right and enter your NinerNET credentials.
  4. Click the Install option below the desired application.
  5. You will see the status displayed below the application.  When the installation is complete, your desktop may flash (desktop goes black and then icons reappear).
  6. The first time you use the new application, you may see a welcome screen.
  7. You can make the desired selections until the completion screen is displayed.

Office 2011

If Office 2011 or 2016 was previously installed, you will see the 2019 applications displayed outside the Microsoft Office folder in the Applications listing. We recommend making sure Office 2019 for Macs meets your needs and then uninstalling the older version. You can uninstall Office 2011 and 2016 following instructions here.

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