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Once you submit a Requisition, changes can be made to it if it is Returned to the Requestor or Withdrawn and then recreated in any of the following ways:

  1. Select the right-sidebar menu to view the next pending Approver and request that they Return the Requisition for you to make the changes (add the attachment).
  2. You can contact the IT Service Desk (ext. 75500, and they can forward the request to OneIT Financial Systems Support, who can then Return the Requisition to the Requester.
  3. You can use the Available Actions (three dots to the right of the requisition number) to Withdraw the Requisition, then Copy to New Cart, make the changes, add the attachment, and Place Order.
  4. Attachments can also be added to Comments on Purchase Requisitions (PRs) and Purchase Orders (POs).

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