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If the fund is not available, it means that the Requestor does not have access to the Organization Code to which the fund belongs and is either (a) appropriate in situations in which the funding for the requested items will come from another department or (b) not appropriate, and the Requestor should have access to the Organization Code.

  1. If the funding comes from another department, the Cart must be Assigned to another Requester to complete the funding information ("FOAP") and to place the order.  
  2. The Place Order step must be completed by a user with Banner Security Access to the Fund(s) on the Purchase Requisition. 

    Do not assign the cart back to the original requester to place the order.

  3. To request access to additional Organization Codes, complete the Banner Finance/49er Mart Access Form.  
  4. Once access to additional Organization Codes has been completed, the Requestor can select the additional funds to complete the Requisition.

    For more information, please reference the Fund and Account Codes module of the 49er Mart Training in Canvas.

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