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  1. Log into Google Calendar
  2. Under My calendars, find the calendar you want to share
  3. Click on the Options icon to the right of the calendar name
    click on the Options icon
  4. Choose Settings and sharing
    choose Settings and sharing
  5. Choose Access permissions
    choose Access permissions
  6. By default, all UNC Charlotte calendars are shared with everyone in the organization and set to see only free/busy (hide details)

    1. You can uncheck the box next to Make available for UNC Charlotte to not share your calendar with anyone
    2. You can change the sharing permissions for the UNC Charlotte community and allow people to See all event details by clicking on the drop down arrow next to Make available for UNC Charlotte
      you can change the sharing permissions to show all event details
  7. You can share your calendar with specific people in the Share with specific people section
    1. Click Add People
      click Add people
    2. Enter the person's name or email address. You can add multiple accounts at one time if they will all receive the same share permissions
      enter the person's name or email address
    3. Under Permission, choose the appropriate level of permission

      choose the appropriate permissions

      1. See only free/busy (hide details): only shows that you are busy during that time
      2. See all event details: Shows all event details (title, guests,location, etc)
      3. Make changes to events: allows them to make changes to events on your calendar
      4. Make changes and manage sharing: allows them to make changes to events and change sharing permissions on your calendar
    4. Click Send
  8. Changes are automatically saved

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