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  1. Google Calendar default notifications allow you to snooze reminders for 5 minutes. When the notification goes off and you click OK there's a banner that displays at the bottom of your calendar.  Click the option Notify me again in 5 minutes to snooze the reminder
    click the option to notify me again in 5 minutes
  2. You can also setup multiple reminders by:
    1. Log into Google Calendar
    2. Click on the gear icon
    3. Click on Settings
    4. Click on the link for your calendar under Settings for my calendars
    5. Click Event notifications
      click Event notifications
    6. Set your event notifications and/or all day notifications to what every you want, the default is 10 minutes. If you want "the snooze effect" set multiple notifications at decreasing intervals e.g. 1 hour, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute
      set notifications as you would like, example 15 minutes, 10, minutes and 5 minutes to create a snooze effect
    7. You can either have pop-up notifications and/or email notifications by selecting Notification or Email in the drop down menu
      you can choose pop-up notifications or email

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