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Full-time, permanent faculty, EHRA, SHRA and ROTC employees are entitled to apply for tuition waiver for up to three courses during the academic year - defined as fall, spring, and summer semesters if they:

  • Are regularly scheduled to work 30 hours or more each week, 9 months of the year or longer
  • Meet normal work obligations and continue permanent employment status for the entire semester during which the course is taken
  • Have been admitted to the UNC-system school and registered for course(s)

For UNC Charlotte courses, no more than two waivers may be used during either the fall or spring semester, and only one waiver may be used between spring commencement and the first day of classes for the following fall semester as pictured in the table below. 


Fall Semester

Spring SemesterSummer Semester
A2 waivers1 waiver0
B1 waiver2 waivers0
C1 waiver1 waiver1 waiver
D2 waivers01 waiver
E02 waivers1 waiver

IMPORTANT Other UNC System Institutions

Please note that each institution within the UNC System is entitled to establish their own tuition waiver usage by semester policy.  You must find and follow the academic calendar and tuition waiver policies and procedures established by the enrolling institution. Contact the Student Accounts/Bursar's Office, Registrar's Office, or the degree program director of the enrolling institution to learn more about the academic calendar, tuition waiver policies and where to send your approved waiver for processing.

Law Enforcement Officers

Law Enforcement Officers who are eligible for the unlimited tuition waiver benefit and who are employed as part of UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety Department should reach out to Learning and Organizational Development for assistance using this email address

Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement)

Employees who wish to take more than three courses during the academic year may wish to explore the Academic Assistance option. Schedule a time to speak with your manager regarding this option for professional development as related to your job role within the University. 

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