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UNC Charlotte will be transitioning from Four Winds Interactive to Appspace for digital signage management in early 2023.

Follow the steps below to upload an image to a Content Category in Content Manager Web (CMWeb).

  1. Log in to CMWeb using your NinerNET credentials
  2. Click the Content Library tab
    Content library
  3. Right click your department's Content Category and click Add New Content
    Add new content
  4. Click Image
  5. Click the upload button  next to the Location field

  6. Click Choose File 

  7. Select the image to upload and click Open

    Unique Filename

    Make sure each image has a department-specific filename (ex: AISLE.ClassroomSupport.Directory.9-18-2017.DirectoryMain.jpg) before uploading to prevent content being replaced by a file with the same name

  8. Click Upload

  9. Click OK

  10. Update the name (if desired)

  11. Update the duration (default is 30 seconds)

  12. Change the Scale mode to "Fit inside container while preserving aspect ratio"

  13. Click OK

    Save your work

    Click the save button to save any changes made

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