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Supervisors have the option to elect to pay overtime when an eligible employee works more than forty (40) hours in a workweek.

The supervisor or timekeeper should perform the steps below at the end of the timesheet period to ensure the employee receives OT pay.

  1. Go to Favorites Star > My Team> Timesheets By Pay Period.
  2. Verify that you are in the correct bi-weekly period by reviewing the dates at the top. Use the arrows to navigate.
    Timesheet Dates
  3. Click the edit timesheet icon to open up the timesheet Edit Button.

  4. Review the Summary By Day tab view to determine how many hours need to be paid. 
    The system calculation of overtime for the week will be shown in the OTREG_COMP (or OTGAP_COMP if less than 1.0 FTE).
    Summary By Day View

  5. Go to the Time Entry tab view and select the day you want to add the OT pay category on.

    Time Entry tab view

  6. If the overtime hours all fall on the same day in one record, for example a Saturday - you will only need to add the appropriate pay category to that line of hours. 
    If the overtime hours are combined with regular work hours, then you will need to break out the hours to be paid by clicking the insert button to the far left of the row to add a new line Insert Row.

    1. Adjust the start/stop times so that the hours reflect the correct amount to be paid that was previously determined on the Summary By Day tab.

    2. Add the pay category by clicking the magnifying glass Magnifying Glass and selecting the flag Flag Icon next to the corresponding pay out type.

      Add OTREG Pay Category

  7. Click SAVE on the blue action item bar at the top of the screen .

  8. Leave a comment on the next screen and click OK (i.e. OT payout to employee).

  9. Review the Summary By Day tab for accuracy. 

    1. Make sure the REGPAY column totals 40:00. If it does not, you will need to repeat step 6 above.

      Summary By Day View

      The OTREG_COMP or OTGAP_COMP should have changed to OTREG or OTGAP respectively.

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