The Central Web Service will be transitioning from Drupal to WordPress in 2023. Starting March 2023, all new sites will be created in WordPress.

During the WordPress migration, Web Services will not have the capacity to redesign existing sites. They will be migrated "as is." If your group would like to redesign an existing site, please submit the form below after the migration project is complete.

Submit a Request

To request a new site or redesign a current site, please submit the New Website/Redesign Request form and a member of the Web Services team will follow up with additional information and a timeline for completing your site.


If you are requesting a new site, Web Services will create a blank site where you will be able to add your new content.

If you are requesting a redesign of an existing site, Web Services will create a new site in a staging area, import all your current published content (unless you specify otherwise on the form), and add any additional content you provide on the form. If you make changes after the initial content import, you will need to dual enter those changes on both your live site and staging site.