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Matlab is available to faculty, researchers and students. It can be used on university devices and on faculty and student owned personal devices.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In
    Sign In button screenshot
  3. Log in with your NinerNET credentials
  4. Click Start shopping
    Start shopping button screenshot
  5. Click on the Matlab tile
  6. Click Get Matlab
    Get Matlab button screenshot
  7. Scroll down and click the Sign in to get started button
  8. Select Create Account
  9. Your email address, first/last name and School/University (at bottom) will be populated - enter the other required information:
    1. Create a password following the system requirements
    2. Select Location (Country)
    3. Select Department - if your department is not specifically listed, choose other in appropriate category
    4. Select What describes your role?
  10. Check the "I accept the Online Services Agreement" checkbox
    Matlab Account Create
  11. Click Create
  12. On the MathWorks web page, click on the Install MATLAB button
    Install MATLAB
  13. Click again on Download for Windows (macOS and Linux versions available by clicking dropdown)
    Matlab Download Version
  14. Run the installer file that you downloaded to your computer - if prompted, enter your local password (macOS) and approve any installation approvals
  15. Enter your email and password you created in step #11 at the prompts during installation
    Matlab Account Username and Password
  16. Agree and click Next
  17. Choose and highlight the license associated with the version you downloaded - click Next
    Matlab Version
  18. Fill in the required spaces and click Next
    Installation data
  19. Install Matlab in default location - click Next
  20. On Select Products window, leave defaults and click Next
  21. On Options window, leave defaults and click Next
  22. Begin install and click to continue installation process if prompted and Finish when complete

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